2009, Wytske van Keulen
We Would Come to Doubt Everything. And Almost Everyone Would Come to Doubt, 2008
Garabandal, Conchita in ecstasy
Garabandal, Stonepath to pine trees, location where the Virgin Mary appeared for the first time on Sunday 2 July 1961, 2006
Puentenansa, in the appatement, bedroom, Juan kisses book, 2007
Libary Juan, 2007
Andzelika, 2006
The Netherlands: My first meeting with Andzelika and her mother, January, 2006 aus: Andzelika
The Netherlands: Cleanig at Willemijn's, August, 2006 aus: Andzelika
Poland: Disko Bravo, March, 2006 aus: Andzelika
Poland: Calling, March, 2006 aus: Andzelika
Wytske van Keulen
*1982, Bergen op Zoom / NL, lebt und arbeitet in Amsterdam