2014, Carlos Spottorno
The Pigs, 2013
Archaeological conservation site – Athens, Greece, 2013 aus: The Pigs
Woman on a stair – Algarve, Portugal, 2013 aus: The Pigs
Washing drying on ruins – Palermo, Italy, 2010 aus: The Pigs
Italy: an inmigrant is sitting in a park, 2010 aus: The Pigs
Tires Cemetery, 2008 aus: The Pigs
Hotan, Xinjiang, China: military antennas behind decorative flags of a gas station, 2008 aus: China Western
Tazhong Oilfield, Xinjinag, China: An oilpump,right in the middle of the very vast Taklamakan dunes desert, 2008 aus: China Western
Kashgar, Xinjiang, China: a uighur boy poses in front of decorative mushrooms at a nearly dead recreational park, 2007 aus: China Western
Aksu, Xinjiang, China: A tractor heads to the fields in a misty and polluted morning, 2007 aus: China Western
Carlos Spottorno
*1971 Budapest / HU, lebt und arbeitet in Madrid