2017, Pauline Beugnies
The Police Charge the Demonstrators Gathered for a Spontaneous Sit-In in front of the Journalists' Union in Cairo., 2011 aus: Tahrir Generation
A Message Tree Seen on Tahrir Square in November 2011, Days before the first Parliamentarian Elections., 2011 aus: Tahrir Generation
From Ammar Abo Bakr Sketchbook. In 2011, Egyptian Police Has Been Accused to Deliberaly Target the Eyes of the Revolutionnaries. , 2011 aus: Tahrir Generation
A Young Man Is Stopped while Spray Painting a Message against the Military on a Wall in Downtown Cairo., 2012 aus: Tahrir Generation
The Security Forces, Police and Governemental Militias Are Preparing to Brutally Disperse Protesters from Tahrir Square around Midnight on January 25, 2011, the First Day of Protest of the Egyptian Revolt, the National Police Day., 2011 aus: Tahrir Generation
Solafa, a young activist in the taxi ride home in the popular neighborhood of Ezbet El Nakhl, Cairo., 2011 aus: Tahrir Generation
A young woman at a female demonstration in downtown Cairo. Since the January 2011 Uprising, women are coming out to the streets to claim their rights and fight sexual harassment., 2012 aus: Tahrir Generation
Justice and Freedom youth movement has organized a public screening of Hosni Mubarak and his defense minister Habib Al Adly trial in downtown Cairo., 2011 aus: Tahrir Generation
Page from the book Tahrir Generation, 2012 aus: Tahrir Generation
Ammar Abo Bakr seen in Luxor, 2015 aus: Tahrir Generation
Pauline Beugnies
*1982, Charleroi /BE, lebt und arbeitet in Brüssel und Kairo