Serie, Photography Must Be Curated!
Photography Must Be Curated!

Katrina Sluis’ blog series “Photography Must Be Curated!” explores the diffusion and intensification of curation in an era of photographic post-scarcity. As curating becomes a practice and process made operational in network culture, and a problem to be solved by the computer sciences, what does this mean for those traditionally charged with the exhibition, collection and interpretation of photography? By focusing on the practices of technologists, digital marketers and platform users, the series aims to create new vectors between the previously separated fields of institutional curating, social media curating and computational curating. In doing so, the series ultimately seeks to explore what a practice of post-photographic curating might look like.

Katrina Sluis is Adjunct Research Curator at The Photographers’ Gallery, London and Head of Photography & Media Arts at the Australian National University, Canberra. She is presently engaged in two research projects, Curating Photography in the Networked Image Economy, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and Documenting Digital Art, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK.