Wendy McMurdo

Computer Class, Edinburgh II, 1997

C-print, 139 x 143 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 1999-006-002
© Wendy McMurdo

Wendy McMurdo
b. 1962 (Edinburgh, UK), lives and works in Edinburgh, UK

Wendy McMurdo’s photographs on the theme of the doppelganger show children in a theatrical setting, but unlike old-fashioned nineteenth-century studio portraits, McMurdo uses cutting-edge technology to clone the children and confront them with themselves – ‘Well hello, who are you?’ She generates multiple perspectives and identities, expanding space and time to create images of a world that cannot be experienced in any conventional way. The levity of the children’s facial expressions contrasts with the seriousness of their situation: it is no longer possible to determine what is real (whether they are actual twins) and what is artificial; whether the photo is untouched or manipulated; which is the original sitter and which is the clone.