Robert Häusser

Relative Orientierungen, 1972

Gelatin-silver print, 41 x 57 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur, gift Robert Häusser
Inv. no. 2001-007-001
© Robert Häusser

Robert Häusser
1924 (Stuttgart, DE) - 2013 (Mannheim, DE)

“Symmetry is always an imperative!” and “content = form; form = content.” These programmatic statements by Robert Häusser, who became the first German to receive the Hasselblad award in 1995, aptly convey the stringent black-and-white of his “Relative Orientations.” For Häusser, however, formal considerations were never an end unto themselves, never “lifeless graphic design.” A black abyss yawns next to white street signs. The asphalt and greenhouses on the horizon are forceful indications of castigated nature. Fantasies slumber in the beyond.