Katrin Freisager

Ohne Titel, 2003

C-print, 126 x 158 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur, gift Katrin Freisager
Inv. no. 2003-028-002
© Katrin Freisager

Katrin Freisager
b. 1960 (Zurich, CH), lives and works in Zurich, CH

Katrin Freisager’s female figures are reduced to mannequins: smooth, attractive, pastel-coloured, as clean and flawless as a stockings’ ad. They have no distinctive characteristics; there is no contact between them. These supernaturally perfect images appear emotionally detached and can be read as a purely visual temptation of colour and form. It is as though we were looking at some new kind of media creature, at biologically enriched cyborgs. The lack of distinctive characteristics makes these figures the perfect screen on to which we can project our thoughts. We, the viewers, bring these puppets to life through our imagination. Thus Freisager subtly but clearly addresses the hybrid, artificial aspects of our identity and culture.