Bruno Serralongue

World Summit on the Information Society, Geneva, 2003/2004

Inkjet print, 56 x 66 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2005-016-008
© Bruno Serralongue

Bruno Serralongue
b. 1968 (Ch√Ętellerault, FR), lives and works in Paris, FR

Serralongue’s theme is the unemotional depiction of alternative summit meetings, labour battles, and other political activities, while at the same time he reflects upon his own motivations. The “Earth Summit” is documented as the interplay of insiders and outsiders, between equable events held under neon lights and street demonstrations with colourful banners. At stake are shifting power relations (one of Serralongue’s publications is called “Rapport de forces”) and the question of how they can be captured in committed images.