Ulrike Ottinger

Ohne Titel, ca. 1975

Gelatin-silver print, 24 x 18 cm
Inv. no. 2006-113-004
© Ulrike Ottinger

Ulrike Ottinger
b. 1942 (Constance, DE), lives and works in Berlin, DE

Ticket of No Return (Bildnis einer Trinkerin) is a cult film! It tells the story of a wealthy and sophisticated woman who decides one day to travel to Berlin – one way, jamais retour – to drink herself to death. She meets a homeless woman and goes on a pub-crawl with her through the bars of West Berlin. The experimental film features cameos by Nina Hagen, Martin Kippenberger, Wolf Vostell and others. The 12-part series is a photographic “sketch” of the film, in which the lead actress, Tabea Blumenschein, is seen in a monologue discussion with her own mirror reflection.