Daniel Schibli

Japanischer Raum, 2002/2006

C-print, 125 x 158 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur, acquisition with support by the Bundesamt für Kultur
Inv. no. 2006-117-001
© Daniel Schibli

Daniel Schibli
b. 1963 (Killwangen, CH), lives and works in Zurich, CH

Daniel Schibli uses plywood, papier mâché, jam jars, mirrors, foil and textiles to construct artificial spaces. But in contrast to his DIY approach and basic materials, the photographs that he makes result in an installation crafted with enormous precision and a keen sense of complex worlds. These are abstract spaces: one may appear somehow Japanese, another evokes a cave with stalactites, another reminds us of Obra Flamenca. Yet it is not the narrative associations that are the theme of his work. His subject is the order, or rather, the dissolution of order and all things determinate.