A. C. Kupper

Classic She-Man, 2003

Inkjet print, 63 x 45 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2006-131-001
© A.C. Kupper

A. C. Kupper
b. 1962 (Basel, CH), lives and works in Zurich, CH

An indomitable cult figure on the urban scene, this artist, graphic artist, DJ, musician and film-maker creates a gallery of characters from the present and the future, featuring himself as demiurge, with portraits of his friends and avatars from the worldwide web. His morphed figures are representatives of a fragmented world in the throes of fundamental change. They smile and cry and ‘think’ in the pictures, while his exhibition spaces are pervaded by irony, sarcasm and romance. His is a fragile image of the future peopled by computer-generated freaks and hybrids.