Nils Nova

Alexandre & Glen, 2007

Diptych, 2 Inkjet-prints, each 40 x 30 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2007-025-003
© Nils Nova

Nils Nova
b. 1968 (Santa Ana, CH), lives and works in Lucerne, CH

Since the early 1990s Nils Nova has been creating exciting works involved with identity and imagination. In the series Gegenüberstellung der Erinnerung (Memory Confronted), his models are historical figures such as Glenn Gould, Liz Taylor and Peter Lorre; next to them he places a photograph of a look-alike. He might carry the idea of a model around in his head for years until suddenly he meets someone who resembles them. Thus an elusive game evolves around the question of what is an original, a reproduction, or a copy.