Lukas Hoffmann

Hinterbergstrasse, Steinhausen, 2008

C-print, 64 x 83 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur, gift Lukas Hoffmann
Inv. no. 2009-019-002
© Lukas Hoffmann

Lukas Hoffmann
b. 1981 (Zug, CH), lives and works in Berlin, DE

Lukas Hoffmann’s photographs shimmer out at us with their cool, even icy colors. Especially the barren landscape in Hinterberg, Steinhausen leaves viewers with a slight chill even as it fascinates us with its sense of mystery. Although the geographic information in the title suggests a specific location (“behind the mountain,” Steinhausen), it literally refers to a remote place outside of Steinhausen (in the canton of Zug in central Switzerland). Hoffmann’s pictures depict unobtrusive places located somewhere at the edge of civilization, such as a cluster of shrubbery between train tracks and a forest’s edge. By connecting forms of vegetation with living spaces, Hoffmann explores the coexistence of humans and nature.