Christian Schwager

Strajiste, Verminte ehemalige Frontlinie, Nähe Maglaj, Frühling 2003, 2003

C-print, 57 x 70 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2010-005-006

Christian Schwager
b. 1966 (Zurich, CH), lives and works in Winterthur, CH

Map legends provide a key to understanding a kind of abstract geography. Christian Schwager, whose photographic projects operate on the outer limits of documentary representation, offers potential clues to understanding his images through his carefully researched titles. “My Lovely Bosnia” (2003/04) shows tracts of lands in Bosnia that are still full of landmines, which, barely marked, can represent the threshold between life and death. Schwager counters the presence of danger with the paradisiac ideal of the romantic landscape.