Tina Hage

Universal Pattern II, 2008

Triptych, 3 inkjet prints, each 102 x 124 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2010-009-001
© Tina Hage

Tina Hage
b. 1976 (Port-au-Prince, HT), lives and works in London, UK

Tina Hage questions the relationship between the individual and the collective, without sparing herself in the process. She is concerned with the human being as the mirror of society, as a collectivised object oscillating between the individual and the multitude, found in non-places, in newspapers, and on the Internet. Her works are self-portraits in staged settings presented as objets trouvés from the media world. By individually constructing each persona, the artist alludes to the individual within the whole, the person who seems in danger of vanishing into the collective society. Each situation, originally stemming from a single moment, is created through presentation and processing, which turns it into a sign or symbol.