Dominik Hodel

Headlights II, 2010

2.45 min. full-hd videoloop, size variable
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2011-003-001
© Dominik Hodel

Dominik Hodel
b. 1986 (Lucerne, CH), lives and works in Lucerne, CH and Zurich, CH

Among young artists, there is currently a strong interest in the aesthetic of surfaces. Dominik Hodel theoretically and visually investigates the conditions surrounding the production of contemporary, usually digital photography, seeing an allegorical parallel in the production of industrial product worlds. In the video “Headlights II,” Hodel focuses on mirror-finished automobile headlights, which no longer directly reveal the surrounding urban and natural space, but display only distorted reflections and the appearance of a mirrored, external space.