Beni Bischof

Ohne Titel, 2014

C-print, 13 x 18 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2014-019-002
© Beni Bischof

Beni Bischof
b. 1976 (Wildnau, CH), lives and works in St.Gallen, CH

Tanned and bulging muscles and odd companions set the stage in the cluttered collages of this Swiss artist. The longer one views it, the stronger the images seem to distort. Gleaming bodybuilders metamorphose into an uncanny show of flesh in a grotesque, pieced-together magazine hallucination starring superheroes, cars, and other objects of male fantasy. Beni Bishof’s amusing, trashy images take on our obsession with perfect athletic bodies, whose flip side is morbid deformation.