Richard Billingham

Ohne Titel

C-print, 105 x 159 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 1996-007-003
© Richard Billingham

Richard Billingham
b.1970 (Birmingham, UK), lives and works in Swansea, UK

Richard Billingham’s family studies occupy an elusive zone between hard social realism and feather-light fiction. We see his father, mother, and his younger brother oscillating between alcohol and cigarettes, bloodied noses and reconciliation, violence and caring, happiness and bewilderment. Blurred images emerge from the extreme intimacy. His pictures are hardly desolate; instead, they fabulously interweave the cacophony of textiles and tattoos with the pieces of a puzzle, while a flying cat transforms the family’s grimy living room into a gravity-defying space. In doing so, Billingham’s family album Ray’s a Laugh finds the perfect balance between misery and salvation.