Anna & Bernhard mit Maria Blume

Sequenz C: Lachen, 1977-78 / 2005

Gelatin-silver print, 24 x 17.5 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2005-011-010
© Bernhard & Anna Blume / 2007 Pro Litteris, Zürich

Anna & Bernhard mit Maria Blume
Anna Blume, b. 1937 (Bork,DE), lives in Cologne, DE; Bernhard Blume, 1937 (Dortmund, DE) – 2011 (Cologne, DE)

The Blumes explore the syntax and semantics of text and image in photographs that are either very small or very large. Their playful take on everyday life in their works of the 1970s, often culminating in absurd scenes of chaos and destruction, is widely regarded as having paved the way for the kind of staged photography that has since become commonplace.