Hans Danuser

Strangled Body II, 1995

Gelatin-silver print, 222 x 141 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur, gift George Reinhart
Inv. no. 1997-004-002
© Hans Danuser

Hans Danuser
b. 1953 (Chur, CH), lives in Zurich, CH

This well-known artist from the Grisons region of Switzerland has already produced many outstanding series of photographs. In his body and landscape series he addressed the human condition with great intensity. In the 1980s, his interest focused on the suspect zones of today’s society: gold-refining, nuclear research, pathology, surgery, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering and biotechnology. He seemed to be attracted to those Mephistophilean places where strange energies, surplus values and knowledge are generated without any notion of the price we pay for them. His latest series – Frozen Embryo, Strangled Body, Erosion – open up photography to create image fields and visual landscapes. Danuser is constantly exploring, constantly seeking out borderline situations. This heavyweight of Swiss photography has also published several seminal books.