Leigh Ledare

Ohne Titel, 2012
From: Double Bind

Offset print, 30.9 x 41.3 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur
Inv. no. 2012-032-095
© Leigh Ledare and mfc-michèle didier

Leigh Ledare
b. 1976 (Seattle, US), lives and works in New York, US

New York conceptual artist Leigh Ledare documents the zeitgeist from the 1960s/70s through the present in his Ephemeras project, which was realized as part of his work Double Bind (2010). The series is essentially a personal archive that Ledare compiled over the years from magazines and other printed sources. A total of 480 pages were reproduced in 6 magazines of 80 pages each. The individual images, which consist primarily of images from fashion, classified ads, excerpts from magazine articles, and pornography do not seem to be arranged in any particular order or share a common context. Like a multifaceted collage, a fragment of an advertisement for children’s toys follows a pornographic image from 1970. Ledare, who worked for several years as an assistant to Larry Clark, gained international recognition with his project Pretend You’re Actually Alive (2008) – a controversial series about his Oedipal relationship with his mother.