GENERATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY (Adam Brown, Tabea Iseli and Alan Warburton)

Fotomuseum Winterthur and Julius Baer Foundation awarded their biennial P3 prize to Adam Brown (GB), Tabea Iseli (CH) and Alan Warburton (GB), who formed the team “Generative Photography”. The winning team addressed the notion that photography is less and less dependent on the material world – on light, a lens or physical subjects – delving into questions around what happens when photography is entirely simulated, virtualised or built from scratch through algorithms. In their prototype, Adam Brown, Tabea Iseli and Alan Warburton developed an interactive play-environment, focusing on a conceptual and speculative take on wildlife photography.

The jury appreciated the prototype’s engagement with the history of photography, and photography’s kinship with other media, while also offering a reflection on the phenomenon of the photographic today, including an original commentary on the role of the photographer and the act of capture. The project contains critical elements that fully address the implications of the assigned topic – combined with a playful approach which is both subtle and subversive, demanding the audience to reflect on their position as photographic spectators and agents. Finally the team’s presentation demonstrated a genuine spirit of collaboration and a sense of learning from one another.

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