3. Curate or Be Curated: A Visual Interlude
Published: 11.12.2019
in the series Photography Must Be Curated!
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In this post, I wanted to curate a visual essay out of my screenshot collection. A recent infographic claimed that articles that contain images receive 94 percent more views than those without. Visuals are processed 600,000 times faster than text. Audiences can recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later, in comparison to about 10% of written content. Adding an image at the beginning of every article reduces bounce rate; and with more engagement you can generate higher revenue and cultural authority.

Dominique François Arago presenting the discovery of Daguerreotype, L’Académie des sciences, August 10, 1839 (156417)

Left: Maria Popova, Curator of brainpickings.com; Right: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Serpentine Galleries[/caption]

All screenshots taken by the author.

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