Authors, Jacob Gaboury
5. Screenshot or It Didn’t Happen

I now find myself with the dangerous task of speaking to the present, and addressing how the seventy-year history of this complex and overburdened practice has been refigured, repurposed, and reimagined. Perhaps unsurprisingly there is no single answer, as the screenshot has become altogether diffuse in contemporary digital culture, and is used for any number of everyday tasks. more

Published: 15.07.2019
4. Screen Selfies and High Scores

This week I’d like to return to a question that will only become more important as we move closer to the present: what exactly does a screenshot capture? What forms of life are made visible in the documentation of our interaction with computational screens? What cultures of use arise from or are premised on the ability to share the often intimate ways we use computational technologies? more

Published: 05.07.2019
3. What You See Is What You Get

Having described some of the technical means by which screenshots were produced prior to the development of the modern computer screen, it seems important to note that my use of this term – screenshot – has been almost entirely anachronistic. In practice the term does not appear until the 1980s, and is used primarily to describe the practice of photographing the graphical displays of early computer screens for use in early gaming and PC magazines, as well as in visual fields like graphic design. more

Published: 21.06.2019
2. Picturing Computation

In my last post I suggested the screenshot exemplified the latest iteration of a much broader technique for the secondary mediation of an existing visual medium, one which has risen to prominence over the past forty years as part of the convergence of all visual media with the screens of modern computational devices. In this post I want to move away from broad generalizations and ask what the screenshot is as a material practice tied to computation as a distinct technical form. more

Published: 10.06.2019
1. Techniques for Secondary Mediation

Screenshots are the snapshots of our computers. They capture the movement and forms of everyday life as it is lived through the interface of a computational device. Given the trend, since at least the 1970s, toward media convergence, in which existing media forms are subsumed and transformed by digitization, today most any medium or practice that can be displayed on a computer screen may therefore be captured as a screenshot. more

Published: 29.05.2019