Series, Marvin Heiferman
Marvin Heiferman

In his blog series, Marvin Heiferman will take a broad look at the medium as it is changing and being redefined, and consider the issues in and around the medium that are provocative. Rather than understanding photography as a medium in crisis, as some people seem so eager to suggest, Heiferman sees photography in the midst of being re-imagined – this is will be his starting point to look at and talk about over the course of his blogging period. He will use news reports and stories about topical images, events, and issues in visual culture as the basis for taking a weekly look at how photography and our relationship to it are changing. He will link to stories, write about the issues that they raise, and invite readers to take an active role in the discussion. 

Curator and writer Marvin Heiferman organizes visual culture projects for institutions that include the Museum of Modern Art, Smithsonian Institution, International Center of Photography, Whitney Museum of American Art, and the New Museum. Heiferman has written for The New York Times, Art in America, Artforum, and Aperture. His most recent book is Photography Changes Everything (Aperture, 2012). New entries to his Twitter project, WHY WE LOOK (@whywelook), are posted daily.