Fully booked: Workshop: Photographs on Fabric

Sunday, 23.08.2020, 14:00-17:00

This workshop is fully booked.

The classical physical medium we are all familiar with in photography is photographic paper, which is both convenient and manageable. But photography is capable of much more! In this workshop you will get to know the experimental process of creating photographs on fabric. In the theoretical preamble you will learn about the materials involved and how to prepare them, and you will be given a short introduction to the black-and-white techniques used in our photo lab. Afterwards you can try this for yourself and print your own photograph on fabric.

This workshop requires a minimum of five registered participants and is limited to a maximum of twelve people, based on the space available in the photo lab. In order to produce the pictures, you will need a negative. Further information will be provided upon registration. We will provide prepared pieces of fabric.

The workshop is held in German.

Duration: 3 h
Educator: Christina Schmidt, Educator Fotozentrum
Pricing: CHF 120 / person
Registration: Please register until Wednesday before the event at