Workshop: Cyanotype – The Fine Blueprint Process

Saturday, 24.10.2020, 09:30-14:00

Immerse yourself in this old but still wonderful fine printing process. John Herschel developed this unique technique in 1842 in an attempt to find a method for producing durable photographic images. After an introduction, we prepare the chemical solution used for the coating. Once the paper is ready, you cover it with your motif. Then we expose and develop it. A few additional tips and tricks from a professional will enable you to manipulate or colourise your pictures.
This workshop requires a minimum of five registered participants and is limited to a maximum of twelve people, based on the space available in the photo lab. In order to produce the pictures, you will need a digital negative. Further information will be provided upon registration. The workshop is held in German.

Duration: 4.5 h
Educator: Ueli Alder, photographer and artist
Pricing: CHF 150 / person
Registration: Please register until Wednesday before the event at